Journal of Authentic Leadership in Education

Current Issue

Volume 6, Number 3
A Leadership Perspective on Restorative Approaches to Social Justice: When the Offender is the ‘Circle’


Advocates continue to argue the benefits of leadership for a restorative approach to social justice, discipline, and punishment within education settings. In terms of education, this approach is relatively in its infancy with remaining unanswered questions to ensure the ongoing success. In this article, we will raise and engage with one such question, that being,what happens if the offender in a restorative approach to social justice is the ‘circle?’ The notion of the circle is an integral component of restorative justice. In addition, the components of victims and offenders are equally important. Yet, the processes of ascribing meaning to these components can undermine the very ideology and purposes of restorative justice practices. From the lens of leadership for social justice, the authors critically discuss and address the processes of how this may occur and conclude with recommendations for education leaders and practitioners regarding their practices when enacting restorative justice.

Luke Macaulay, Monash University, Australia
Anthony H. Normore, California State University, Dominguez Hills, USA